четверг, 15 ноября 2007 г.

Crochet Rope

Here are some examples of my crochet necklace in a different styles. Usually I use the perle cotton thread and 0.65 - 1 mm crochet hook. So far, I like this thread ease of crocheting.
My first experiment with crochet in Turkish technique resulted in this coral necklace for my younger sister. I used the coral chip beads and 10/0 glass Czech seed beads.

My sister like blue color and turquoise. This necklace has united all her wishes))). I used the 9/0 Czech opague seed beads, wthite 8 mm Chezh beads and turquoise.

My inspiration comes from the pattern "Diamond and Daggers" by Judith Bertoglio-Griffin in her book Patterns and Graphing for Bead Crochet Ropes. I used 11/0 glass Czech opaque and transperent seed beads and tear-shaped glass beads.

This lariat is my first experience in knitting bead rope. I has knitted its all for 5 hours. Its length is 1.20m, I love it)))I used 12/0 glass Czech transparent seed beads and amber chip beads.

This lariat I knitted for my sister. I used 11/0 glass Czech rainbow seed beads, haematite and thin silk thread various color for flower.

This necklace I knitted in a gift. I used 12/0 Czech seed beads of two pastel colors, viscose thread and glass beads for a flower.

Further there are my not finished projects.

Various crochet rope

Necklace with malachite cabochon

Necklace with Czech glass beads

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