понедельник, 28 июля 2008 г.

Брюггские кружева / Bruges lace crochet

Last friday I began to knit a new crochet doily in Bruges lace technique.

Bruges crocheted lace imitates of lace that originated in Belgium, which is done on the bobbins, - it's a special kind of decorative crochet. Bruges lace consists of the ribbons which form beautiful ornaments. These ribbons are united when crocheting by small chains out of the chain stitches, and they are decorated by the chains so that an exact copy of the bobbin laces is done.

I used white and ecru Polyester Sewing Thread #20 and 0.75mm hook. I crochet doily in parallel with embroidery, so it does not is progressing very quickly.

ribbon start

motif for doily center

Happy knitting!

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  1. It is quite beautiful, I am eager to see the final result... Are you using a pattern or a book?

  2. That is something really strange! Do you know what the bobbin lace technique you're imitating is called? Well, in French we call it "Russian lace" ;-)
    And I'm not knidding!
    Very nice work indeed!

  3. to yarnlot
    I'm using the pattern from the Ukrainian magazine "Duplet." This special issue dedicated to Brugge crochet lace.

  4. to DominiqueBe
    Yes, indeed, this technique is similar to Russian, Vologda lace.
    Be considered that simulates Bruges flower lace. While agrees with you that similar more on Russian lace))

  5. your work is just stunning. you work so fast, and i haven't had a good look at a pattern like that before.

    best wishes! (i'm just getting started with crochet http://www.flickr.com/photos/28132488@N02/sets/72157610513450660/)

  6. Thanks for this post .I had come across this with a different spelling in a magazine and had spent most of my morning searching about this type of lace.


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