среда, 3 сентября 2008 г.

Leave, unfortunately, has ended...

Annual leave, unfortunately, has ended...

One and a half weeks we had spend with my husband at summer cottage of my daddy in Voronezh. At last I have brought the flash card that I has forgotten earlier with photos of cultivated flowers.

Next I, my husband and nephew traveled to a small hotel on Black sea. We rested in Kabardinka, in small village on the sea coast, very much it was pleasant to us. The truth was very hot weather, the sea was very pure and very warm +26С degree.


My husband and nephew

On September, 1st our nephew the first time has gone to school! Absolutely big! The grandmother it is a pity has not seen...

The pet of nephew, very sociable, 630 gramme weighs

My sister grows up tremendous tulips:Viridiflora Tulip, Double Late Tulip, Lily-Flowered Tulip & Fringed Tulips, Double Early Tulips & Rembrandt Tulips

Lily of the valley, poppy and a shady green corner on a summer cottage

Alpine hill

Wild strawberries & Dicentra eximia

Apples & Grapes


Happy day!

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