четверг, 4 сентября 2008 г.


I have framed pictures even before leave, the truth was possible to photograph just now. It is very happy with result!

Botanical Flowers from Lanarte

Apple Blossom from Lanarte

Modified CHS Quaker House Sampler
Happy stitch!

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  1. Waow! Waow!!! it is soooooo beautiful !!! I love the 3 Lanarte and have 2 of them to stitch !!! So what are going to stitch next?

  2. WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are both very nice ! i have not seen the apple blossoms on your blog before, and the result is very nice !!!! i have all of them to stitch. Which Lanarte will you stitch now ?

  3. Lena, the frames are masterpieces, let alone the embroideries.
    I'm not sure which language should I use - let it be English.


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