понедельник, 31 марта 2008 г.

Jeremiah by Wiehler Gobelin

Inspiration has returned!
Happens, I threw work on the halfway )). Such imperfection I have a lot already. Among them are wonderful tapestry of old German company Wiehler Gobelin founded by Jakobs Wiehler in 1893. For the past 100 years it has featured quality work based mostly on classical paintings. This is a model #3602-1 Jeremiah by Rembrandt.

What is a Gobelin? Gobelins are hand-embroidered tapestries. Gobelins are usually inspired from famous paintings or religious art.
What is Petit Point stitch? In gobelin making, Petit Point refers to one diagonal needlepoint stitch. There are two techniques used for stitching or sewing gobelins.

  • Petit Point 1:1 is when each sign from the chart equals one stitch.
  • Petit Point 1:4 means that each sign would equal four stitches arranged in a square.
  • Generally, gobelins done in Petit Point 1:1 would be more detailed.

Whiehler Gobelin items are executed in one of, or a combination of, the following stitches: Petit Point 1:1 and Wiehler stitch (each sign equals two long stitch next to each other across two threads of the canvas at the top end).

I replace included in kit original Hardanger canvas (9 stitch/1 cm) by Ivory 25ct Lugana Fabric (52% Cotton, 48% Rayon) from Zweigart.

Wiehler Gobelin Jeremias by Rembrandt process

Current state
Happy stitching!

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  1. Wonderfull model of gobelin.
    Tell me please, did you finished it?

    How many stitched per centimeter has the Ivory 25ct Lugana Fabric by Zweigart? Do you stitch on it with 2 strands of thread?

    I will wait for your answer. Thank you.

  2. No, not yet finished, but left a little.
    25ct Lugana Fabric by Zweigart has 10 stitches per centimeter over one thread, which corresponds to 5 squares in a diagram (a symbol of the scheme is a two-stitch over one thread of the horizontal and two vertical threads)
    For the basic scheme used 3 threads, and for parts of 2 threads.

  3. Its beautiful. Where can I find a kit so that I can make tnis myself?


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