среда, 9 января 2008 г.

Hannelore lace doily

Pattern: 418/23 Hannelore
Designer: Herbert Niebling
Source: Burda Special E 418, Strickspitze
Size: 65x65 cm
Started: December 22 2007
Finished: January 4 2008

My new square lace doily is finished. I have finished doily a less than week ago. Today I finished blocking it. I used mercerize cotton 330m/50g and 2.5mm needles. Very happy with the result.

Good knitting!

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  1. That is beautiful!!! I'm off to track down the pattern.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Your work is beautiful! You must have the patience of Job!

  3. Wow! You have me very excited about Herbert Niebling, but I can't seem to find his patterns (Oak or Viereckdecke). I wonder if these aren't available in the United States? They don't seem to be for sale online.

    You are such a beautiful knitter.

  4. C'est vraiment magnifique.
    Surtout le parfait carré étendu!

  5. could send crude diagrams of the journal please E418 gerdalau2006@hotmail.com

  6. Me too
    It'is so beautiful!

    that's very difficulty to buy the book burda special e418

  7. Удивляюсь, как я раньше не видела этих работ в твоем блоге....видимо не забиралась так далеко :))
    Очень красиво, Леночка! Браво!


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